My time as a subeditor for The West Australian (WA's best-selling newspaper) helped me to develop a hawk's eye for detail that still haunts me to this day – I say "haunts" because I can no longer read a restaurant menu, fiction novel or any kind of brochure without immediately picking up any spelling mistakes, punctuation flaws or grammatical errors!

This is, however, a handy skill to offer anyone with written work that needs editing and proofreading (which aren't the same thing, by the way).

Some examples of clients I've carried out editing and proofreading work for in the past include:

- digital agencies that need an expert to ensure the overwhelming pile of content from their various clients is up to scratch

- CV writing agencies that need someone to dot the i's and cross the t's on their clients' cover letters

- college students who need a fresh pair of eyes to read over their dissertation before submission

- marketing firms, real estate agencies and other small companies that need copy reviewed before it's shared with the world via social media, poster ads, billboards and other advertising methods

If you have a body of text that needs sprucing up for pizzazz and/or scrutinising for accuracy, I can help.