SEO… Those three all-so-important letters that make up the acronym for being the first hit on Google or Bing when someone wants to find you.

Maybe you want to be the first port of call when someone in the area is looking for dental solutions. Perhaps you want to be the very first hit when business owners are curious about loyalty programs. Maybe you have an unrivalled level of expertise on a subject, and you want to make sure it ranks high enough on search engines that people are getting the right information.

Whatever the reason, Search Engine Optimisation is increasingly important. My job is to take the information that you need conveyed, and deliver it in the most engaging, SEO-friendly way possible.

Whether it’s simple, everyday subject matter or a complex technical topic, I don’t submit content that I’m not 100% certain is accurate and correct in every sense. Wait, was that a double negative? Perhaps I should’ve said “I only submit content that I’m 100% certain is accurate and correct in every sense”. Yep, that sounds better! Anyway...

If it’s a tricky or delicate subject, I'll work closely with my client to ensure that the content holds all the relevant information and no irrelevant information. I’ll go through it with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is accurate (from a literal, legal, timely and, of course, grammatical point of view) and then I’ll make sure it’s interesting to read.

AND THEN… I’ll make sure it’s optimised for search engines.