gel “dʒɛl”

1. (of a substance) to set or become more solid

“Smooth, fluid copy that gels in the reader’s mind.”

2. (of a project or idea) to take shape and work well together

    “Engaging content that gels with your core objectives.”

    Gel Copywriting is all about taking the information you need delivered, and conveying it in the most engaging way possible.

    You might be a real estate agent managing a collection of online listings that need interesting blurbs. Perhaps you’re a proud new business owner who’s already working with a fantastic graphic designer to create a killer website, and now you need some hard-hitting content to reel your audience in.

    Maybe you’re a highly experienced veterinarian with a thorough knowledge of the average Chihuahua’s digestive system, but you’re lost for clever wording when it comes to promoting your clinic.

    That’s what Gel Copywriting is here for – to make sure your potential clients and customers know exactly what you do, and that you’re damn good at it.

    From international retailers and small creative start-ups, to law firms, recording studios and everything in-between, below is a list of some of the brands I have previously written for or continue to write for.