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The Perks of Being an Australian Content Writer for Hire

The beauty of being a copywriter is that you get to learn about a wide range of interesting subjects. Since I started copywriting, I’ve become reasonably knowledgeable on things I would never have given much thought to otherwise.

A lot of this knowledge is very unlikely to ever be of any use to me again, such as the recycling and repurposing of damaged conveyor belts and poly pipe scrap in mine sites, an in-depth history of Australia’s last surviving coloured wool-spinning mill, and whether or not “cupping” hurts more than a deep tissue massage…

Some of it, however, has already proven to be extremely applicable to other aspects of my life.

For instance, since writing for Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions, I’ve learned a great deal about loyalty programs. I’ve written about the evolution of loyalty programs from paper punch cards through to mobile loyalty apps, how gamification in marketing can increase sales, and how small business owners can use existing customers to acquire new ones, among other things.

In the process of researching this stuff, I’ve learned a great deal about effective marketing strategies, how customer data can be used to target key audiences, and how to personalise the relationship between a brand and its customers.

A crash-course in small business marketing, all stemming from research on loyalty programs.

In the last few weeks alone, I’ve learned about the ways in which sustainable regenerative farming can actually be more lucrative than mainstream industrial farming techniques, the best time of year to sell a property in Perth’s coastal suburbs, and the reason why children suffering with ASD are five times more likely to be obese.

Now, I know it may seem silly for me to write about regenerative eco-farming strategies when I don’t know the first thing about farming.

So why can’t the organic farmer with a lifetime of experience practicing sustainable agricultural methods write the content, rather than the copywriter who can’t even keep the pot plant on his desk alive, much less nurture a field of crops?

…For the same reason that writing proficiency levels among high school students is dropping at an alarming rate: most people hate writing.

It makes sense for every professional out there who wishes to publish content related to their specific line of work and expertise to partner up with a copywriter and work together to create accurate, well-written and engaging content that readers can follow and understand.

The more information the copywriter is given in the initial project brief, the better equipped they are to create an informative article.

Professional copywriting involves adequate research time before you even open a word doc to begin writing… a good copywriter will spend much more time researching a topic than he or she actually spends writing the content.

So if you’re considering hiring a copywriter to create content for your business, remember – you’re not paying them for the time it takes to write the content; you’re paying them for the time it takes to gain the knowledge required to write it!

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